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Words from Jo...

I started on Love Food when I returned to work from maternity leave. Having gained 18.5 kilos during my pregnancy I hadn’t been able to shift those last 8kilos due to skipping meals, large portion sizes, lack of sleep and exercise. 

The first couple of weeks were hard, however I found that by having the flexibility to eat (within reason) on the weekends your own food when you’re out and about it made the Love Food program much easier to stick to.  The weight starting dropping off and within 3 months I had lost 10 kilos. Even though I am a fussy eater I found the food delicious, fresh and healthy and it provided me with lots of energy even though I wasn’t getting much sleep through the nights dealing with a teething baby. I never felt tired as I was eating the right foods and my skin started to improve.

The one thing that Love Food has taught me is that regular meals and portion control is key to the success of maintaining the weight loss. It’s now been 3 months since I’ve stopped the program and I have been able to maintain the weight loss as it’s a lifestyle not a diet.

Thank you Love Food for helping me achieve my goal of losing the baby weight! Having yoyo dieted most of my adult life I found that this was the best way to lose the weight sensibly and without a lot of effort. You just need to be consistent and not go overboard on the weekends and within no time you will achieve results.

Jo Henao, 36

Words from Kellie...

Fun, fabulous & fresh are three words that aptly describe Love Food. Each meal is tailored to my liking and bursts with flavour, variety and colour. Prompt daily delivery guarantees freshness and enables me to indulge in meals made with love. 

Prior to Love Food, my busy lifestyle dictated my eating habits and I found myself constantly eating the wrong food at the wrong time. I was putting on weight (despite exercising), I was tired and each day I was searching for the mid-afternoon sugar hit. Love Food has taught me to balance my lifestyle through healthy food and has provided me with the confidence to experiment with different flavours and ingredients.

Since starting with Love Food I have lost weight, my energy and concentration levels have returned and I feel healthier both inside and out. Love Food has provided my body with the kick-start that it needed and I look forward to continuing my Love Food journey and discovering new and exciting eating options.

Kellie Rogers, 27

Words from Kimberly...

I came home from a European trip three kilos heavier than when I left! I started Love Food to get my diet back on track after weeks of eating whatever I liked! 

I lost 3.6 kilos in a few weeks. I did exercise during this time, but the majority of my training was yoga classes.  I love that I don’t have to cook or prepare my meals during the week when I often work late nights; I also don’t have to go do the grocery shop midweek.

I love how I feel now and I rarely need to eat my recommended snacks, as the meals are substantial enough on their own to get me through the day.

Kimberly Williams, 25

Words from Janice...

Verena and the Love Food experience were instrumental in getting me off the couch and onto the streets exercising and eating right. She cares about you and your personal needs for seeking out Love Food, be it weight loss, convenience or a healthier you.

It’s funny how you can make up reasons not to exercise and eat well but with Love Food taking the work and time out of preparing meals there was honestly no more excuses left!

I look forward every day to seeing what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner – basking in the fact it wasn’t me having to cook it.  More importantly, knowing you are eating fresh produce that is healthy and portioned to your needs is extremely satisfying.  While weight loss is my goal a healthier, fitter me has also been the reward.

Love Food is the answer to every mum’s dilemma of finding time to be good to yourself and your body!

Janice Falconer, 42