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Deliciously Nutritious

Someone once said; "if it’s advertised it’s probably not good for you".

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We know there are thousands of products on the shelves that market themselves as healthy, however we know different.

We aim to provide you with bite sized chunks of information to increase your knowledge, so you can make educated decisions over the weekends and on holiday and not be blinded by buzz words and advertising.

Angelika updates the below nutrition information regularly, to keep you in the know and your learning ongoing.


Your Regular Nutrition Update!

Why Alkaline

An alkaline diet is one full of fresh colourful vegetables, low GI fruits, lean meats, good fats, wholesome grains and fish. By keeping the body slightly alkaline (> pH 7.5) helps maintain a balance where it is most happy and able to rid itself of toxins that can cause disease.

That’s why Love Food provides an alkaline diet, because after much research they found it to be of most benefit to the body to maintain a healthy equilibrium. You can't be good all of the time but if you stick to alkaline forming foods say 80% of the time, then your body will thank you for it. So 20% of the time you can still enjoy acid forming foods such as sugar, red meat, dairy, wheat and alcohol. Trust us, your body will thank you for it!