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Our Philosophy

We love food, love fitness & live for a healthy lifestyle, so we started Love Food as an introduction to a healthier way of life. You see; we are a boutique food business that cares about each and everyone one of our Love Foodies’ lifestyles & dietary journeys.

Love Food provides home cooked, fresh and natural foods as close to their original state as possible. We believe feeding your body a clean diet with a good portion of raw food nourishes and fuels your body.

When our Father was diagnosed with cancer a few years back, things stepped up a notch. Angelika did a great deal of research that confirmed just how important a fresh alkaline diet full of vibrant colours, antioxidants & nutrients can be to your health. 

Plus, we’ve always wanted to support others that make wellbeing a way of life & assure them nutritious food can be delicious. 

So Love Food was born!

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